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{ Our multidisciplinary team }

Our multi disciplined in-house experts all work together to offer independent and impartial expertise, experience and advice for a speedy resolution.


Marine Loss Adjuster  Adam Whittle

Adam Whittle

Loss Adjuster

Adam specialises in super and mega yachts including new build disputes, casualty investigation, builders’ risk, hull and machinery and personal injury claims.  

Marine Scientist  Luigi Petrone

Luigi Petrone

Associate, Consulting Scientist

Luigi has recently been awarded the title of Registered Marine Coatings Inspector for Superyachts; accredited by the International Institute of Marine Surveying

Naval Architect Kieran Dodworth

Kieran Dodworth

Partner, Naval Architect

Kiearan’s areas of expertise are aero/hydrodynamics and marine structures.  He has also carried out a considerable body of work in the area of seakeeping and vessel dynamics and is one of the company’s specialists in this field


Ray Luukas Chief Technical Officer

Ray Luukas

Senior Partner, Chief Technical Officer

Ray’s vast marine experience includes hull and machinery surveys including structural failures and engine and fire damage; Superyacht new build, repair and purchase disputes and giving evidence as an expert witness throughout the World.

+44 7770 440342

Director of Fire Response Dave Myers

Dave Myers

Director of Fire Response and Investigation

Dave Myers is a Fire Investigator with an MSc in Fire Investigation.  Dave has carried out many investigations in marine and Superyacht environments, often responsible for co-ordinating a multi-agency response.

Superyacht Consultant Patrick Yeoward

Patrick Yeoward

Senior Consultant

Patrick has been working in the Superyacht industry since its inception and became a Master of Yachts (3000t) in 2001. More recently he has focused on the build, refit and ongoing maintenance programs of Superyachts, acting as Owner’s Representative and/or Project Manager.

+44 7384517639

Dr Luis Guarin Director of Marine Consultancy

DR Luis Guarin

Director of Marine Consultancy

Dr Guarin specialises in ship safety assurance and technical risk analysis of ship newbuilding and conversion projects.  Areas of focus include alternative design, fire safety, access/egress, escape, evacuation and LSA arrangements and redundancy of essential systems.

+44 7852934422

Ken Kirby Director of Metallurgy


Director of Metallurgy/NDT

Ken has undertaken investigations into failures of a wide range of ships and Superyacht structures, machinery and components, including fatigue and corrosion mechanisms and has appeared as an expert witness in High Court and arbitrations globally.

+44 7894 171276

Arron Jackaman Managing Inspection Engineer


Managing Inspection Engineer

Arron Jackaman is a Level 3 Advanced Non-Destructive Engineer, PCN certified in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Time of Flight Diffraction Testing and Eddy Current Array Testing of castings, forgings, welded and tubular products. He has performed many detailed forged component inspections and carried out welded metallic structure analysis on Superyachts up to 110m.

+44 7771 665734

Tom Ainsley Managing Marine Engineer


Managing Marine Engineer

Tom is an Incorporated Marine Engineer with a First-Class Certificate of Competency (Motor).

As well as dealing with commercial ships, Tom has been appointed on several Superyacht cases involving main and auxiliary engine failure investigations, fuel contamination cases, hull damage surveys, fire investigation and new-build disputes including giving evidence as an expert witness.

+44 7469 150801

Matthew Calveley Metallurgist


Managing Metallurgist

Matthew Calveley has an BEng (Hons) degree in forensic engineering and a MSc Corrosion Control Engineering. Matthew has experience of destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques and the qualification of weld procedures and operating electron microscopes which he now uses as an investigative tool. He has carried out Superyacht investigations and has produced expert witness reports for the purpose of litigation.

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