Surveying a superyacht hull




{ Utilising tech }

Our Brookes Bell Surveyors utilise new technologies such as 3D laser scanning and drones to allow for extremely fast and accurate documentation of the condition of a vessel.


We provide Superyacht hull and machinery surveys to assess:

  • Pre-purchase or post delivery surveys

  • Repair surveys

  • Condition surveys

  • Collision damage

  • Groundings

  • Structural failures

How it works

For visual inspections, our Superyacht Surveyors use a combination of high-definition stills photography and live video feeds, allowing documenting of areas of structure not normally accessible without cranes or scaffolding. This approach enables larger areas to be surveyed in a shorter timeframe, reducing costs to the client.

Our Survey Team at Brookes Bell can and do travel throughout the globe to survey Ships and Superyachts. Marine Surveyors use drones in larger vessels for easy access and swift analysis.

Working with us

Brookes Bell has many years experience of marine surveys of different types of large hull structures. We use the latest ‘thought processes’ when analysing survey results and we also have in-house NDT expertise and Metallurgists on-hand if needed.


From surveying repairs for a Superyacht owner or captain; through to groundings or collision surveys on behalf of an insurer we work efficiently to survey, analyse and independently report back.

The combination of systems used allows for a large area to be surveyed quickly and a report produced swiftly. Our reports are often used in dispute resolutions both in and out of court.


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