{ Impartial Advice }

Compromising between stability and passenger onboard comfort can be tricky. Brookes Bell offer impartial Superyacht stability advice.


Stability onboard a Superyacht is essential but there is often a compromise to be made. Whether in new build or in a refit, any changes in a Superyacht’s structural design could potentially affect the stability of the vessel and this is equally as important to Motor vessels as Sailing yachts. Brookes Bell’s assessment of stability could provide reassurance or provide recommendations for essential amendments to the design.

How it works

Using scans of the Superyacht, computer software and models, stability tests can be run in varying conditions and assessed, with reports and recommendations delivered by our naval architects.

Working with us

We can liaise between a Superyacht owner or captain, the shipyard and/or the designer. Alternatively we can provide you with an independent second opinion and assessment.


Here at Brookes Bell our Naval Architects are not only experts in the principles of Superyacht design, but also have the marine experience to know the optimum level of stability to maintain comfort for guests onboard. Creating ‘too much’ stability can actually decrease enjoyment onboard by changing the motion of the yacht.


{ Get it just right }

Finding the balance is tricky and nuanced unless you have the right tools and expertise to hand.