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Out of the ordinary, into the Blue

We have all admired fantastical Superyacht designs from afar. But would you be brave enough to commit to an ‘out of the ordinary’ design project yourself? Perhaps, as a Superyacht owner, you love your current yacht but would love a bit more space - have you ever considered the possibility of ‘stretching’ an existing Superyacht?

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"If you think safety is expensive, try having an accident"

What many Superyacht owners understandably don’t factor into their plans is a contingency for problem solving when things go wrong. When dealing with such a complex feat of design and engineering, there will undoubtedly be some darker times during Superyacht ownership – it can’t all be plain sailing. 

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Top 5 lessons to take from the cruise industry

Now with the size of Superyachts increasing and designs becoming ever more ambitious, and with cruise ships investing more in the quality of the onboard passenger experience – these two types of vessel are converging in a way that would not have been previously imagined. 

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