Out of the ordinary, into the Blue

Superyachts in a Shipyard

We have all admired fantastical Superyacht designs from afar. But would you be brave enough to commit to an ‘out of the ordinary’ design project yourself? Perhaps, as a Superyacht owner, you love your current yacht but would love a bit more space - have you ever considered the possibility of ‘stretching’ an existing Superyacht?

Today, there are many renowned and talented Superyacht designers and Shipyards that have pushed the boundaries of technology and creativity to produce some amazing yachts. However, with a Superyacht in the design creation or conception stage and on through to build and operation (then further along the lifecycle to refit, repair or rebuild) ensuring it lives up to expectations once it’s out on the water is paramount – for obvious reasons.

During each stage of a Superyacht’s lifecycle there are many decisions to be made that might give an owner cold sweats. Even once a Superyacht is built, can you be sure that the yacht is performing at peak efficiency and can the owner be reassured that all high-risk areas of the yacht have been identified, and that those risks have been mitigated?

Designing the optimum yachting experience
How can you be sure that your guests on deck aren’t going to be subjected to a wind tunnel, or even worse, emissions from engines? Thinking about questions like these can be off-putting instead of exciting. But it needn’t be.

Superyacht owners ‘shooting for the stars’ and those responsible for realising the vision will be pleased to know that it is possible to have it all: extraordinary designs that deliver the ultimate yachting experience, whilst also staying compliant to regulations, in non-prescriptive ways. 

Brookes Bell can deploy Alternative Design solutions that take into account optimum passenger comfort and adhere to the highest levels of safety onboard. The standard concept of ‘allowable’ volumes and areas are open to be reworked to represent an owner’s concept whilst staying within the bounds of the rules.

Our team of naval architects and technical experts use a variety of tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), propulsion hydrodynamics and in-house software to help create designs that comply.

Stretching a Superyacht
In the case of stretching an existing vessel Brookes Bell can give you a bigger Superyacht and make sure it’s technically viable and safe. The team will scan the existing structure to verify the materials and strength. 

Computer generated Superyacht image

Brookes Bell’s Naval Architects and Engineers will organise new structural and system designs; test the new designs using computer models; then the newly extended structure is tested for hull performance, range, stability and sea keeping and to make sure the redesigned Superyacht complies with all safety and class regulations. After completion of the works, the areas concerned are re-scanned to verify the quality of works and the coatings application. 

Material world 
As far as the component parts of Superyachts are concerned, with new coatings coming to market, how can you use the latest innovations and ensure they are suitable, safe and fit for purpose before you apply them?

Understanding how materials and coatings behave in a given environment is vital to the aesthetic and safety of a vessel. Being at sea involves challenging and unique elements that need to be considered in terms of a material’s quality, durability, strength, consistency, rigidity or flexibility.

Brookes Bell’s Material Scientists and Metallurgists advise their Superyacht clients about the materials and/or coatings and how they perform under load, in a fire scenario and in the marine environment generally – helping a Superyacht owner make informed decisions about the materials to use. They also advise on repair and application. 

Non Destructive Testing of the construction (whether a small sample or the whole thing) will confirm the build quality and if remedial works are required then guidelines can be drawn up.

See the benefits, feel the benefits 
In fact at any stage of a Superyacht’s lifecycle Brookes Bell have provided solutions to improve a vessel’s performance or safety. For captains and those representing owners, it is reassuring to know that there are impartial, independent advisors and experts with unique experience and skillsets out there – and that they can be called upon at any stage. Brookes Bell work alongside Shipyards and designers as independent specialists to add value to a project or give a second opinion for peace of mind. 

Click here to see the different areas where Brookes Bell can independently assess, review or resolve any aspect of a new build or designs, performance, safety, stability and more.

Patrick Yeoward commented:

“We’ve been the market leader in the industry for a number of years as the company to turn to when things go wrong. Whether it’s bulk carriers, cruise ships or Superyachts, we’re the ones who get the call for casualty investigation, and forensic analysis, resolving disputes and to be expert witnesses in court.

However, over the last 30 years we have become more and more involved in Superyacht build, rebuilds and refits.  Using skills acquired in the commercial and cruise sector, we have been called upon to assist during the design stage of a Superyacht build.  .”

He continued:

“Many of our Superyacht clients have said they wished they had known about us earlier and saved themselves a great deal of grief, time and money. Experience is very beneficial.”