Navigating the Superyacht evolution

tropical island

There is a lot of chat around at the moment regarding ‘The Superyacht of the future’. Superyacht designs are getting wackier with concept yachts that include features such as owners’ towers; decks that are like walking in nature; helipads that turn into outdoor cinemas etc. Usually more space is required to fit these new features and design ideas, whilst keeping guest accommodation to optimum levels of luxury. Does this mean yet more whoppers are on their way?

The question is: is bigger always better? 

Indeed there is one section of the Industry that thinks that bigger isn’t necessarily better as the rise in ‘pocket Superyachts’ indicates. The ability to not have to anchor way offshore in deep water can be very appealing. Such as being able to enjoy more of an ‘up-close’ experience and the shallow turquoise waters of a tropical island.

Is having the best of both worlds possible? 

However, there is also a lot to be said for having more space; more comfort at sea; better sea-keeping abilities and faster passage times. It’s ‘horses for courses’ situation and a very personal decision. For example, going bigger will almost definitely mean that waiting for a vessel to be built will take longer and for many it is worth the wait. 

Perhaps stretching an existing Superyacht would be a far better option?

Is there a maximum size where the cons outweigh the pros?

The larger the vessel the more crew required and all the issues that go with a larger crew – from higher turnover to perhaps a more impersonal feel for owners onboard, as well as environmental considerations, fuel costs etc. Then there is finding suitable berths/docks; security; safety and there are more things that are likely to go wrong. 

Yet all these concerns can all be mitigated with the right advice. 

Undoubtedly there will always be a demand for Superyachts to be bigger and better; more innovative and with the ability to accommodate larger numbers of guests, have more variety of entertainment onboard and be able to venture to places that others can’t reach. However with the right designs, assessments, plans and procedures there is no reason why the issues that crop up in Superyacht ownership should increase with the increase in size.

For advice on issues that consider with regards to larger Superaychts contact:

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