"If you think safety is expensive, try having an accident"

A Superyacht with a helicopter on the fore deck, a classic example of the need for risk assessment and contingency planning

A Superyacht goes through many stages in its life, from the first vision of a dream Superyacht, through to realising the design, the build, delivery and operation; followed by many years of enjoyment for the owner, their family and guests. There are likely to be some repairs along the way and often a refit or rebuild at some point.

Future-proofing your enjoyment 

What many Superyacht owners understandably don’t factor into their plans is a contingency for problem solving when things go wrong. When dealing with such a complex feat of design and engineering, there will undoubtedly be some darker times during Superyacht ownership – it can’t all be plain sailing. 

It’s not pessimistic to take this view. Both yachting and Superyacht design are positive, exciting, inspiring, adventurous experiences and putting these sorts of contingencies in place simply future-proof the enjoyment of a vessel. Ultimately through a bit of forethought, assessment and planning you can save huge amounts of time, pain and money in the long run.

Plus points 

As unlikely as it sounds, planning for problems and anticipating the negatives can be a positive experience, if all eventualities are built-in at each stage. There are so many factors to consider in a Superyacht build. With many people involved, processes to go through at each stage, so much time spent on designing, project managing and building, let alone the delivery and operation of the Yacht that it’s only pragmatic to assume that something could potentially go awry. 

The team at Brookes Bell Superyacht Services has been in the business of responding to and resolving Superyacht problems for many years, they are used to being called in at a moment’s notice to react to an emergency situation.

We specialise in technical consultancy services throughout the life of a Superyacht and we are recognised as the ‘go-to’ firm when things go wrong. Even when no failure has occurred but a dispute arises over construction quality and further knowledge is needed, our multidisciplinary team are on-hand to provide a resolution.
— Adam Whittle, Senior Consultant at Brookes Bell Superyacht Services

Expensive mistakes became valuable lessons

The team at Brookes Bell also use their expertise to help Superyacht Owners, Captains and project managers become more proactive with regards to potential issues, the sort that cause the casualties all owners and industry professionals like to avoid. 

Our expertise has been honed in surveys, casualty investigation, dispute resolution and claims handling in large ships over many years. Our team includes metallurgists, marine engineers, software developers, naval architects and master mariners, as well as claims handlers and fire experts. And as such the team is able to advise, design, project manage, survey, investigate, represent at any stage of the Superyacht Lifecycle.
— Ray Luukas, Senior Partner, Brookes Bell

This is why Brookes Bell is the most highly respected Superyacht Services Company to go to when things go wrong. This hard gained experience and skillset can help in the future proofing and durability of a Superyacht. The payoff in a future proofed vessel is creating a durable product with timeless aesthetic appeal – essential qualities in Superyacht design.

Brookes Bell often work on behalf of insurers or lawyers in investigating an incident and our people regularly act as expert witnesses in court. We can represent an owner as an extra pair of eyes/skills in a Superyacht build to mitigate problems occurring.
— Ray Luukas, Senior Partner, Brookes Bell

Superyacht industry customers return to Brookes Bell Superyacht Services time and time again for:

  • Pre/post delivery defects

  • Specification Review

  • Coatings expertise

  • Design support

  • Compliance 

  • Warranty issues

  • Hull and Machinery

  • Casualty Investigation

  • Fire Investigation

  • Repair Assessment

  • Technical Disputes

  • Claims handling

  • Expert Witness skills

For astute, forward thinking Captains, Shipyards and Owners an informal consultation with the guys at Brookes Bell could be the start of an invaluable partnership in future proofing your Superyacht. Whether face to face or on the phone they can work with you to mitigate issues before they occur, and they are also here to respond to issues as they occur too.