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{ Superyacht innovations }

Superyacht design is ever evolving with numerous variations on hull and superstructure shapes and sizes at sea, all over the world.


Deploying our Brookes Bell Superyacht team of experts and engaging certain skills, tools, processes and assessments at the outset prove to be invaluable to a new build project, our Naval Architects and Software Engineers in particular.

This combined in-house expertise can be called upon at any stage of the design or build process if:

  • You are seeking ways to augment your Superyacht’s hull performance and range

  • You want innovative new Alternative Designs that will take into account optimum passenger comfort and deliver high levels of safety onboard

  • You have a Superyacht design that you would like a second opinion on, particularly regarding it’s compliance and safety aspects

  • You are a shipyard seeking some extra support with any aspect of the design or SOLAS compliance

  • You have a Mega Yacht (70m+) and need “Safe Return to Port” protocols and software onboard

  • You would like an independent review of your Superyacht’s build design and engineering specification or materials to be used

  • You want to be sure that your new Superyacht design won’t compromise the vessel’s stability and sea keeping capabilities

  • You would like an assessment of the high risk areas of your Superyacht

  • You are not happy with the quality or technical part of a build and need impartial advice or an independent dispute resolution

How it works

Our Brookes Bell Superyacht Team are able to work alongside the primary Superyacht design team to ensure the vessel complies with safety regulations. Our team can also provide services to independently assess, review or resolve any individual aspect of a new build.

Working with us

Each vessel is unique and each situation requires expert care, confidentiality and utmost discretion. Meetings and assessments are scheduled at convenient times for the Client and shipyard.


The benefits of working with us at Brookes Bell Superyacht Division is not only accessing and working with the unique skillsets and state of the art tools, but also the wealth of knowledge and experience relating to Superyachts, Ships and the world’s largest luxury Passenger Cruise Liners.

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics algorithms and propulsion hydrodynamic tools, plus software developed by us over many years allows the team to ensure the vessel is completely safe. For example, we can utilize these tools to ensure that your new aft deck and beach club designs are still fully safe in all potential scenarios.

This is just one potential benefit of many, but most importantly to have an independent and impartial assessment on design, safety or stability is invaluable for future-proofing the enjoyment of your yacht and of course, peace of mind.


{ Expert advice }

If you’re about to embark on a New Build project or you’re in the midst of one, we can help you realise your innovation without compromising safety. Speak to one of our experts to find out more.