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Hull Performance & CFD


{ Test your hull’s efficiency }

We can assess and improve your Superyacht’s hull performance


Superyacht owners are demanding more and more from their Superyachts. Owners tend to be time poor and so factors like hull performance are important in terms of time and efficiency. Plus these days everyone is aware of fuel efficiency and trying to be as “green” as possible. A Superyacht’s weight; its superstructures and the hull form all affect performance. Computational Fluid Dynamic programs and models are used by designers at Brookes Bell to test a Superyacht’s hull performance through the water.

How it works

If you would like to check that your hull is performing to its maximum capability or if you have a design that you want to be reassured will have good sea keeping, at Brookes Bell we can run CFD programs and models specifically for your boat and test its performance at sea to reassure you.

Working with us

We are happy to work with new build designs or with Superyachts already in build or already afloat. At the new build, repair or refit stage. Customers have said they found it beneficial to engage our experts at the earliest possible stage, to ultimately save wasting money and time in the long run. Talk to our experts for some initial advice


At Brookes Bell we have been running CFD programs extensively over the years to test fluid flow across ship’s hulls and waterlines; as well as using them for wind flow control and even evacuation of people from large passenger cruise liners. The programs can be adapted to include numerous parameters and tests.


{ Getting there smoothly }

Curious or concerned, we can run a CFD model on your Superyacht to check the hull and provide peace of mind.