Forensic Analysis


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We provide expert advice, technical and practical support plus reporting and where necessary, representation.


Our Forensic Team at Brookes Bell consists of Materials Scientists, Metallurgists, Coatings Specialists, Tribologists, Fire Investigators and Marine Engineers, we can help when an investigation is required on a Superyacht for:

  1. A system failure

  2. A material defect

  3. An engineering defect

  4. A fire, flooding or grounding incident

How it works

Depending upon the requirement, an investigation may be a single component assessment or may involve other team members such as Naval Architects or Marine Engineers.

Working with us

We can offer technical advice to Shipyards, Captain or Superyacht owners even if no incident has occurred, but there may be a dispute over quality.


You can benefit from the team’s many years of forensic investigations of varying degrees and vessel size. From bearings failures to fabrication quality to corrosion issues, we have an understanding and expertise that ranges from chemicals to engineering to manufacturing.


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