Superyacht Engines


Engineering services


{ Marine Engineers }

Our Marine Engineers can evaluate Superyacht systems for you. We can advise you before, during and after machinery installation or trouble shoot when a system fails.


Our marine engineers are all highly qualified and have a combined experience of more than 100 years in surveying and investigating the cause of machinery failures on various types of craft including some of the most high-profile Superyachts in the world. Our engineers also have many years of practical sea-going experience, mostly as Chief Engineers.

How it works

Our highly skilled team of in-house Marine Engineers are on-hand to advise you throughout the Superyacht lifecycle – from new build, refit and repair.

Working with us

Our engineers will guide your project through systems evaluation and feasibility studies, assisting with selection and on-site supervision of the installation of machinery.

During pre-delivery, commissioning or post-delivery operations and warranty periods, we can assist in trouble-shooting; investigate into machinery and equipment failures, and substandard performance of installed equipment.


At Brookes Bell we have a team of 12 marine engineers who are based in the UK and Asia and can respond locally, traveling to locations all over the world to respond to the needs of a vessel.


{ Team players }

We can work alongside your engineers.