{ Optimum Performance }

Here with advice and expertise to assess and enhance a Superyacht’s performance - Brookes Bell can improve a Superyacht’s onboard systems and machinery. We can also step in to help when things go wrong. 


Working with Brookes Bell

Assessment of onboard systems from electronics to machinery

Monitor risk assessment & help implement safety procedures

Impartial Investigation of system failures

Point of contact for any concerns you have regarding your machinery

Represent you if a dispute arises

In-house marine engineering expertise – nearly all have served as a Chief Engineer

Proactive advice

Our highly-skilled team of in-house Marine Engineers are on-hand to advise you throughout the Superyacht lifecycle.

Our engineers will guide your project through systems evaluation and feasibility studies, assisting with selection and on-site supervision of the installation of machinery.

During pre-delivery, commissioning or post-delivery operations and warranty periods, we can assist in trouble-shooting, investigate into machinery and equipment failures, and substandard performance of installed equipment.

Emergency advice & risk assessment

Our Risk Assessment Team work closely with the vessel’s Engineers to study possible scenarios such as floods, fires or groundings during day-to-day Superyacht operations.

Working together, we draft and implement detailed best working practices. If a problem does arise, Superyacht Engineers can call our 24hour emergency advice line for immediate support: +44 151 236 0083

Casualty Investigation

In the event of a marine incident, Brookes Bell's specialist team will forensically investigate and provide a detailed root cause analysis efficiently and professionally. Drawing on our many years of experience and knowledge in marine casualties we will then provide a detailed report to assist further action.

Hull and machinery, protection & indemnity

Our team of Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Metallurgists, Fire Investigators, Master Mariners and Claims Adjusters have worked together on hull and machinery and protection and indemnity claims on behalf of underwriters for over 100 years.

Using our expertise, we can provide detailed reports that include claims adjustments if necessary. If you have any concerns regarding your hull or machinery, get in touch with us for advice.

Dispute resolution

Brookes Bell's technical consultancy has been instructed by hull underwriters and P&I clubs since 1903. Our services have assisted clients in many different disputes ranging from construction quality to machinery failure.

Expert witness skills

Our years of expertise in court and at arbitrations means we have a worldwide reputation as the go to firm for casualty investigation, forensic analysis, technical dispute resolution and expert witness skills.



{ Need to know basis }

We understand that for a Superyacht team a lot is at stake. Discretion is everything so we handle all enquiries, claims and project details in the strictest of confidence.