{ On the ocean & in the yard }

Whether in operation or for new build projects, refits and repairs, Brookes Bell can add value to a Superyacht Captain’s tool chest. Our impartial advice and expertise in design, construction, engineering, bridge operation, materials and coatings, NDT and safety at sea solutions can be deployed at any stage of a Superyacht’s lifecycle, saving unnecessary stress further down the line.



Working with Brookes Bell

Access to highly qualified Master Mariners

Provide solutions to design, efficiency, safety & machinery issues

Support you throughout a refit or repair

Liaise between you, the shipyard and/or designers

Handle any dispute, casualty or claim on your behalf

Work with a multidisciplinary team

Faster resolutions


Bespoke superyacht software solutions

Our highly qualified and experienced team of Software Engineers and Naval Architects are on-hand to offer bespoke design solutions to optimise the stability, comfort and efficiency of a Superyacht regardless of its age and condition.

Using state of the art software tools, we tackle outdoor comfort issues such as wind or exhaust emissions, or provide performance and/or weight saving design solutions. Utilising computational fluid dynamic and propulsion hydrodynamics, we have achieved the best possible performance results for a large number of vessels.

Emergency advice & risk assessment

In order to minimise the risk of an incident occurring, Superyacht Captains turn to our highly qualified and experienced risk assessors. Our multidisciplinary team can draft and review detailed best working practices to mitigate incidents such as flood, fire or grounding during day-to-day Superyacht operations. We also assist Captains of Megayachts meet Safe Return to Port requirements with our software and bespoke training.

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Casualty Investigation

In the unfortunate event of a marine incident, hand the problem over to our qualified experts. Brookes Bell will deploy specialists who act quickly and efficiently to investigate the problem. As the Captain we give you one central point of contact and our team will forensically investigate, providing you with a thorough report.

Dispute resolution

Having an expert team providing impartial advice and technical consultancy to resolve a dispute takes the weight off a Captain’s shoulders. If your dispute remains unresolved Brookes Bell's years of arbitration and expert witness experience in court will help you to achieve the desired resolution.

Expert witness & casualty investigation

Practical and professional experience has earned Brookes Bell a reputation as the people to call for impartial advice, expert witness skills, casualty investigations and forensic analysis.

When a technical dispute arises, our multidisciplinary team of in-house experts work together to efficiently resolve the matter on your behalf.



{ Privacy & Security }

We understand that being a Superyacht Captain means being completely discrete when it comes to handling the matters of a Superyacht. That’s why we handle all enquiries, claims and project details with utmost discretion.