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At Brookes Bell we can assess where the high-risk areas are on a Superyacht and provide solutions to mitigate risks through the use of systems, procedures and design.


Paramount to any Superyacht owner and captain is the safety, comfort and enjoyment of your guests and crew. Yet it’s always surprising to see how few risk assessments are carried out onboard Superyachts, despite the levels of investment involved and the high-profile nature of these vessels.

How it works

For many years we have been providing risk assessments, evacuation procedures for passenger cruise liners and implementing Safe Return to Port systems that enable the vessel to make it back to a Port in the event of a problem. As Superyacht owners are becoming more conscious of the risks and want to mitigate serious incidents, Brookes Bell have been called upon to use this experience and apply it to superyachts and mega yachts.

Working with us

Risk assessments are often put off until a later date, but a meeting with the Brookes Bell marine safety consultants will highlight areas that need consideration that may not have been thought of. Assessments are followed up with reports, recommendations and suggested solutions.


An analysis of the potential risks onboard your Superyacht and provision of the solutions to mitigate those risks through design alterations or through systems and procedures, can assure you that your Superyacht and passengers are safe in as many potential scenarios as possible.

The benefits of a safe Superyacht are clear to see. Yet the need for an assessment of a particular design in different scenarios is sometimes overlooked or a detailed risk assessment is not considered necessary. Accidents can and do happen and huge financial costs are incurred when they do. Lives can be lost and legal costs can spiral.


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How safe is your superyacht? You might not find out until something goes wrong. For peace of mind, speak to one of our experts and book a risk assessment.