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When things go wrong you need to be sure of reliable, sensible, expert back-up. Highly acclaimed in technical disputes and casualty analysis we can help or advise in any incident or discourse. As an expert witness or simply in a disagreement about quality of build.


Brookes Bell provide technical consultancy services to shipyards, manufacturers and Superyacht owners. We are recognised as the ‘go-to’ firm for casualty investigation, forensic analysis, technical dispute resolution and expert witness skills. Even when no failure has occurred but a dispute arises over construction quality and further knowledge is needed, our multidisciplinary team are on-hand to provide a resolution.
— Adam Whittle, Senior consultant
Adam Whittle, Superyacht Consultant for Brookes Bell

Dispute Resolutions

final resolution of a Superyacht dispute with a handshake

Brookes Bell frequently provides technical consultancy services to shipyards, manufacturers and vessel owners and can provide an independent assessment of a quality issue or defect at any stage.

Even when no failure or incident has occurred, a dispute may still arise over construction quality, Brookes Bell can help with any aspect of the dispute and achieve a resolution.

In the event that your dispute goes further, we enjoy a reputation of being the ‘go-to’ firm for accident investigation, scientific analysis, technical dispute resolution and professional witness skills.

Forensic Analysis

A Forensic investigator examining a metal component of a Superyacht

Brookes Bell offer professional in-house forensic expertise for investigation of incidents, failure, defects and quality issues.

Whether the incident requires an investigation of a system failure, an engineering defect, a defect of metallic components or the investigation of a fire or flooding scenario, Brookes Bell are fully equipped to respond to the case-in-hand.

Our respected and highly qualified multidisciplinary team of experts – including metallurgists, fire investigators and engineers – can provide reports, technical support and expert advice in Court and at arbitration


An investigator with a report in front of him

Our fire investigators are some of the most respected in their field. With their many years’ experience of fire scene investigations in a marine environment, they will gather large amounts of information in a limited time to establish the cause and development of the fire and ascertain any underlying factors that may have contributed to the incident occurring.

Highly qualified in physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and metallurgy, our investigators have produced 1000s of reports over a number of years and have given expert evidence in Court and at Arbitrations so if the worst happens, you’ll be in good hands.

Hand over a stressful situation to our experts. From a small fire in the tender garage to a major incident, our team can investigate on your behalf.

Claims Management

Two men discussing a claims adjustment document

Brookes Bell offer a bespoke superyacht claims management service, designed to minimize inconvenience to our superyacht owner and superyacht management company clients.

We provide a dedicated 24-hour emergency contact number and in the event of an emergency we offer advice on casualty response planning, coordination and investigation.

Our claims adjusters have a wealth of knowledge of marine claims and hold CII and AAA recognised qualifications. For answers to a specific claims question or for individual advice contact our Claims Management Division.


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We can meet your needs with our full range of services that will be tailored to you in your role and your project’s specific requirements.