{ Every step of the way }

From Design alternatives on Superyacht hulls and superstructures, to management or representation when things go wrong, Brookes Bell can combine the right mix of skills for your needs at each stage of the superyacht lifecycle. We have a team of experts in Claims Management, Software Development, Science, Engineering, Surveys and Naval Architecture for Superyachts.


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New Build Services

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Safety Solutions


Alternative Design

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Proprietary software

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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Naval Architecture & Software

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Superyacht surveys

We can help you to assess and carry out alternative interior and exterior design solutions for superyachts from concept to certification, allowing you to comply with SOLAS requirements without compromising the design.
— Patrick Yeoward, Superyacht Consultant
Patrick Yeoward, Superyacht Consultant

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Dispute Resolutions

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Claims management

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Risk Assessment

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Forensic Analysis

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Marine Casualty & Fire Investigation



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Expert witness

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Technical Management

Brookes Bell provide technical consultancy services to shipyards, manufacturers and Superyacht owners. We are recognised as the ‘go-to’ firm for casualty investigation, forensic analysis, technical dispute resolution and expert witness skills. Even when no failure has occurred but a dispute arises over construction quality and further knowledge is needed, our multidisciplinary team are on-hand to provide a resolution.
— Adam Whittle, Senior Consultant
Adam Whittle, Superyacht Consultant

 { Bespoke services }

We can meet your needs with our full range of services that will be tailored to you in your role and your project’s specific requirements.