Scientific services for superyachts

Metallurgy, Coatings Expertise & NDT


{ Advanced testing }

Metallurgy is a branch of science and engineering relating to the study of metals. Non-destructive testing (NDT) enables us to assess materials without damaging the hull and other surfaces and our coatings experts can advise on the best combination of paints and materials.


This form of scientific and metal or chemical expertise is useful to your Superyacht if you:

  1. Have a new type of coating or paint you would like to use onboard

  2. Have a material failure onboard

  3. Would like to know what is beneath a coating or hull or deck surface

  4. Would like a surface tested to ensure its integral strength

  5. Would like advice on particular materials usage under load, in a fire, or in a marine environment

How it works

From Tribologists to Metallurgists to coatings experts, the Brookes Bell Team can help with technical support or advice and can:

  • Test materials in a non destructive way

  • Identify latent defects; can assess material failure

  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of certain paints and coatings

  • Advise on application and repair

We can even “see through” layers to assess failures and corrosion underneath the finished surface. A full service laboratory supports our technicians to ‘drill down’ in to a defect to find the root cause.

Working with us

Let the Brookes Bell professionals advise you to make the right informed decisions with regards to the materials and metals on your Superyacht. They can provide reports and recommendations to Shipyards, Superyacht owners or Superyacht Management Companies.


Your Superyacht can benefit from Metallurgy experts who understand the behaviour of metals and can determine how a component or structure should react in a given environment or under certain mechanical loads. No other marine company has the same level of ability to “see through” without damaging surfaces. This service can potentially save substantial time and money.

An example is the ability to ‘see through’ a teak deck for problems underneath. Assess the extent of the problem before the whole deck is ripped up. Which means knowing the works prior to yard time, allowing for correct budgeting, time lines, labour loadings throughout the project.

You will benefit by knowing:

  • What you are dealing with in advance

  • The amount of corroded plate that class would condemn

  • The areas of hot works

  • The affect on contractors

  • The apportionment of labour

  • A clearer timeline

  • A clearer cost


{ Want to know more? }

This is a fascinating area but can seem quite complex. Speak to one of our team and find out how it can benefit your new build or refit project, or how we can work with an operational vessel.