Dr Luis Guarin, Director of Marine Consultancy

Dr Luis Guarin

Naval Architect, MEng, PhD

Director of Marine Consultancy

+44 7852934422



Dr Luis Guarin graduated with an MScEng degree in ship structural ship design from the Technical University of Gdansk. He then joined the University of Strathclyde, where he worked in ship stability research, studied for a PhD in naval architecture and worked as a post-graduate research fellow at the Ship Stability Research Centre.  During that time, he was responsible for conceiving, carrying out, reporting and promoting research on risk-based ship design and operations. 

He specialises in ship safety assurance and technical risk analysis of ship newbuilding and conversion projects of passenger ships, special-purpose offshore vessels.  Areas of focus include alternative design, fire safety, access/egress, escape, evacuation and LSA arrangements and redundancy of essential ship systems.  He has experience of conducting risk assessments of marine and port operations and he has been involved in Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) studies in the context of National and International (IMO) safety legislation development. He has worked as an expert consultant to the International Maritime Organisation on FSA initiatives for safety of passenger ships. 

academic qualifications

PhD Naval Architecture: Seakeeping in extreme sea states - Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde, UK. 

Overseas Research Student (ORS) Award.

MSc Eng in Naval Architecture: Structural design and verification of bulk carriers.

Technical University of Gdansk, Poland.

Professional membership

AMRINA - Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Surveying and Consultancy Experience

Responsible for projects involving: 

  • Safe return to port

  • Evacuation arrangements

  • Alternative design & arrangements (fire safety, LSA, among others)

  • General design risk analysis (facilitation of HAZID meetings & development of design risk register)

  • Formal Safety Assessments

  • Safety Case development

  • Fire Explosion Risk Analysis (FERA)

  • Escape Evacuation Rescue Analysis (EERA) for a range of Mobile Offshore Units (MODU and MOU) and offshore construction vessels

  • Product development for in-house software Evi (escape and evacuation simulation tool), software for ship systems reliability/vulnerability analysis and software for crew emergency management on board.

  • Advisor to port designers and operators on safety matters

  • Port safety and security

  • Navigational risk

  • Fendering

  • Rescue arrangements

  • Development and validation of advanced evacuation analysis tools (EC FP7 project SAFEGUARD)

  • Ship Stability Research.

  • Fire risk assessment.

  • Development of fire engineering and escape analysis to support the validation of alternative design arrangements of passenger ships.

  • Seaworthiness of bulk carriers in extreme weather conditions.

  • Numerical seakeeping analysis.

  • Physical model testing in the UK (Denny Tank, Dumbarton), Netherlands (MARIN in Wageningen) and China (CSSRC in Wuxi).

  • Damage stability analysis and model testing – Stockholm Agreement upgrading of passenger ferries.